Safe Enough!

October 20, 2009 at 6:41 am 3 comments

Riley under the trampoline.

Riley under the trampoline.

There are two words that should never go together they are SAFE and ENOUGH. When I let my children into the yard I don’t want it to be safe enough, I want it to be safe! This said I know things will fall into the yard, swoop down, be left for someone to slip on and trip on but when you know something is not safe well something has to be done.

When your first child starts reaching every milestone you are there watching every second of it, sadly subsequent children don’t seem to get the constant supervision or audience attention as their older sibling. Parents are just far to busy. But we are never too busy to make sure that the areas we leave them in are as safe as possible.

For Christmas last year my children received a trampoline from “Santa”. It has a cage all the way around the outside with a Zip. I personally think it is the best toy ever. It is the source of hours of entertainment each week in our household. At the moment Zoe loves me to call out different types of animals for her to be while she is playing on it. She jumps like a kangaroo or flutters like a butterfly. When I need her to slow down a bit she is a slithering snake, a playful puppy or a creeping kitten.

Lately Riley has been getting faster on his feet and far more adventurous around the yard. One of his favourite things to do is run straight under the trampoline. Since Zoe spends 50% of her outdoor time on the trampoline this is not a good thing. Sure if Zoe is bouncing I am watching Riley, however it only takes a couple of visitors to the house and your attention can be divided. In a split second a small child could have major spinal injury from someone jumping straight down on their head.

Riley helping Shane

Riley helping Shane

So…….Off to Bunnings I went. I had the measurements of the trampoline in mind and needed something to block the bottom. I looked at rubber fencing, shade cloth, really big pot plants and ended up with bird mesh. It is amazing. I got a 4 x 4m square for the top (to put under the shade cloth already there), this stops the palm leaves falling in and 3 – 1m lengths to cut and wrap around the frame. This stretched to exactly where we needed it and now the trampoline is safe, well as safe as we can make it. Shane and Riley put the mesh around and Zoe played with the left over bit.

All finished

All finished

Do you have any unique home safety tips you would like to share with me?


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  • […] other day we had some bird mesh to make the trampoline safe. Zoe picked up a piece wrapped it around herself and off she went. She was an instant bride. I […]

  • 2. Christie  |  November 1, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    What a great idea, interesting to see if the trampoline companies come up with a similar feature before too long.

  • 3. Rizoleey  |  November 2, 2009 at 7:01 am

    I hope they do. I am glad they made the cages for the top. I fell off when I was younger at almost broke my leg.


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