Ocean Creations

October 24, 2009 at 11:53 am 1 comment

Zoe's Ocean

Zoe's Ocean

We are getting a little bit excited in our house about going away for a couple of nights next week. It will be Riley’s first holiday and probably be the first one Zoe will really remember. We are going to Mooloolaba. Since it is on the water we have been focusing our creative activities around that theme the last couple of weeks. I have quite a few teaching resources floating around the house, some of which are fantastic art books. I would recommend these to any parent to have at home (if you have your own photocopier that is).

I was a bit busy, Riley was asleep and Zoe needed something to do. She has seen me use these books time and time again, but has never really been allowed to touch them. However she is getting older and I am getting busier so I left her to it. I got her to find me all the things she might see at the ocean. She was sitting on the floor next to me and I would hear a giggle every now and than “You wouldn’t see a giraffe at the ocean” or “you wouldn’t see a sheep in the ocean”. I would have a laugh too and say “nope, you probably wouldn’t’. She found a handful of drawings for me to copy and then coloured them in. Later that day I cut these out for her and we put them on the playroom wall.

The next day I had more time and was a bit more open to creating a mess. We made a fish tank, like we are going to see at underwater world. We took an old box, crepe paper, wool, crayons and pretty much the whole craft cupboard made it out. I cut out the front of the box to make it look like a tank. I made 4 fish and left Zoe with it for a while. She coloured and glittered the fish. Helped me to take tape from the dispenser and we stuck these to the tank. They blow around in the breeze quite nicely. Next we made some ocean creatures – a jelly fish and coral. The photos show how we did these. All up we had lots of wonderful days creating.  Now all that is left to do is go and spot as many of these things that we can on holidays.    If you are into nature you might like to take the approach my friend Cath did with her lucky kids, check out her Beach Babes Blog , it is full of great beach activities for young kids.  

Making the fish for the tank

Making the fish for the tank.


Getting Ready

Getting Ready to make the ocean creatures for our tank

Painting the leaves/hair

Painting the leaves/hair

The finished fish tank

The finished fish tank


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  • 1. SquiggleMum  |  October 24, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    I’ve made fishtanks with kids before, but yours looks awesome!! Love it 🙂


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