The Galah Next Door.

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Inconsiderate people…..when did the world change that made it okay for people to do what they like when they like without any consideration for those around them. Yes I am guilty of it, however if I upset someone I do try to apologise. I certainly don’t go out of my way to hold a gathering that is going to annoy every house around me and have the neighbourhoods’ dogs barking. (That in itself is a whole other whinge blog!) I would have liked to have gone to bed at 9pm. I was up early with my son, had two kids to entertain all day as my husband went to work at 4am. We are no longer a Monday to Friday society where you get to sleep in on the weekends. I will be up before 6am; I have already resettled Riley 3 times tonight. I cannot use earplugs as if my kids’ cry out I wont hear them. So I have gotten up, gone to the computer and am going to wear myself out so that hopefully I will collapse in a heap on my bed by midnight. And YES I will be in a grumpy bad mood tomorrow from not having enough sleep. Just got back from settling Riley again, another 2 times while writing this, and now there is a Galah chirping away over her beer- classy! So what do I do? Call the police? They are busy hopefully catching crims. If I do call them are the neighbours going to go out of their way to make life difficult? I really really really hate this crap. Can someone please tell me what you do when your neighbours are annoying you? Please.


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