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Spontaneity and Imagination.

Here comes the bride and Flower Boy. Play is such an important part of a child’s development. You need only look at a documentary of children raised in Romanian orphanages to see what would happen without it. Kids are happy to play with just about anything from kitchen pots and pans to shop bought toys. They sing, dance, dress up and sometimes this happens with the most unusual things.


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Safe Enough!

Riley under the trampoline. There are two words that should never go together they are SAFE and ENOUGH. When I let my children into the yard I don’t want it to be safe enough, I want it to be safe! This said I know things will fall into the yard, swoop down, be left for someone to slip on and trip on but when you know something is not safe well something has to be done.

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Doing the laundry.

Riley loves the hose. For some reason unknown to me chores are fun. Especially in the laundry! From a young age both of my children have helped with the laundry. There is a machine to fill with water, powder to sprinkle, a dryer that spins round and round; and if you’re lucky you can open the door and fill it with stuff when mum is not looking (always fun!)

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Water Play

We love playing with water. If you live anywhere like I do, that being hot and sunny, and have kids like mine; I would imagine water play would make up a good part of your summer time play.

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Nicole Carr

Rizoleey = Riley + Zoe
I loved writing a diary for both of my children during their first year, I also made them a wonderful scrapbook of photos. Since my son turned 1 I needed a new avenue to express my creativity - Blogging combines my love of scrapbooking, kids activities, photography and writing.
I hope you enjoy taking a peek at our lives.

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