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Are you a helicopter mum or a coffee mum?

helicof mums I have been reading sooooo many blogs lately on what seems to be the new “it” topic – “Helicopter Parents”. My view I am sad to say is going to stray, drift, vary, no they’re not it; RUN now that’s it, my view is going to run far from the norm. Mainly because according to those particular blogs I am a helicopter parent. I have a feeling that some of the blogs I have been reading are written by coffee mums, yes, coffee mums.


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The Galah Next Door.

Ahhhhhhhhh. Inconsiderate people…..when did the world change that made it okay for people to do what they like when they like without any consideration for those around them. Yes I am guilty of it, however if I upset someone I do try to apologise. I certainly don’t go out of my way to hold a gathering that is going to annoy every house around me and have the neighbourhoods’ dogs barking. (That in itself is a whole other whinge blog!)

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According to the TV– We’re not good enough! Ha!! We’re Better!

Dinner Time The thing that bugs me the most though is the constant references made to the value of sitting around the dinner table of an evening eating a meal together. For a long time I got caught up in the importance of it and it made me miserable. I felt as though my family was not good enough. We don’t eat together. So what!!!

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Nicole Carr

Rizoleey = Riley + Zoe
I loved writing a diary for both of my children during their first year, I also made them a wonderful scrapbook of photos. Since my son turned 1 I needed a new avenue to express my creativity - Blogging combines my love of scrapbooking, kids activities, photography and writing.
I hope you enjoy taking a peek at our lives.

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